Responsibility for content

in the creation of content on this site with the utmost care. though
We can not guarantee the completeness of the content, its relevance
and fairness. According to §§ 8 -. 10 TMG strikes us as a service provider does not
The duty to monitor the information transmitted or stored foreign or were
to investigate the facts and circumstances relating to the illegality of activities
index and information.

An obligation on our part to use the content within the block
general laws remain unaffected always unchanged. This liability is, however, only
When the knowledge of a concrete violation of the rights in question. we should
rights violations are known, the appropriate content of us have suffered

Our responsibility for the content depends, as a service provider, by gender

Liability for links

This site contains links to other web sites – the so-called external links .. the
Content of these external links are out of our control, so that a guarantee
Such content is not accepted by us.

The responsibility lies with the respective operators of these sites. At the moment
of external links have been apparent legal violations. the
Permanent monitoring of the content of foreign law violations without concrete evidence is
us unreasonable.

If we become aware of rights violations, we are the appropriate
remove external links immediately.

Copyright / intellectual property rights

In published by the provider on this page content is the German copyright law and
Law on power protection. If the reproduction, modification, distribution
or any other kind of exploitation outside of the German copyright and
The neighboring right is a written agreement of the need
Creator. Unauthorized copying or downloading of this site is exclusively for
private area, but is not allowed for commercial use. Unless we as operators
act as the creator of content, the copyrights of third parties are respected. we
make every effort that content to be marked as third party content. we ask the
Event that, despite careful work on our part, a copyright notice
we noticed accordingly, so that the removal of such content immediately
It can be started.


Use of this site is regularly used without providing personal data
possible. If such personal information on this site yet applicable
be, then this is done in the form of a given user-specified volunteers. a
Disclosure of personal data to third parties not unless expressly
the user’s consent has been given.

If our website collects personally identifiable information, it takes place
Collection of this information is always in the context of the determination of the data protection legislation of the
Federal Republic of Germany. If personal data are collected, you can
this privacy statement, the nature, scope and purpose of the collection and use
the personal data.

Please note that, despite all precautions, data transmission on the Internet is always with
The risks on the basis of vulnerability, is connected. The full protection of
The data is therefore impossible.

Transmission of data

When you access your part to our web sites is automatically
The transmission of data from your browser to our web server. Object of the present
Transmission are anonymous access data without personal information, such as date
Now, your browser type, amount and type of recovered data and your IP address. the
Storage of data is done separately from any other, in the context
Your use of our site by you, collected the data. These data can not
use a concrete person to determine. Collecting this information will be
only for recording of user behavior and for statistical purposes, however.
After proper evaluation, a data deletion starts.


For the purposes of quality assurance and extend the functionality of our
Internet site that we use on our web site called. Cookies. it is
text files that are stored on your computer. May Cookies
the number of hits are found. We use this information
solely to improve our websites.

Inventory data

In the grounds, the provision of content or amendment of a contractual relationship
between you and us, we collect and use, in the context of necessity,
personal information, so-called. inventory data.

Usually non-disclosure or provision of information to third parties. By order of
competent authorities, you are required, as for law enforcement purposes, the
Security or to meet other legal activities required information
providing personal information.

Data Usage

Where necessary, we collect and use so-called. Use the information from you. us
is personal data that the use of our
Internet offer, and to enable the settlement. This data is collected, the
both contain the temporal criteria of use of our service to you, as well
the scope of use and the identification data.

Please note that for advertising purposes are, for the purpose of
The market research is and allows the design of our website, ie user profiles
to generate the data collected during visits to our pages.
These usage profiles In addition, any information on your person and do not give to be with
any other, collect data, merged, so that a
personal identification by combining various data can not occur.
You are entitled to object to such use of your data.


We suggest that you have the right to get information from us about the
To require that the data is stored and, in the event of errors in the data a
Blocking, erasure or correction of result. The exchange of information is both
by telephone and electronically as possible.

Changes to Privacy Policy

If you make future changes to our privacy policy, so
the changes will always be found in these pages.

Privacy – Facebook Plugin

We have on our plugin Facebook pages 1601 South California Avenue, Palo
Alto, CA 94304, US integrated. The visit to our site causes a direct connection
Facebook – server. In this way, Facebook is notified that your IP –
Address registered on our site. If now the “Like”, “Like”
“Share” or by pressing a corresponding button, Facebook assigns the IP address
automatically to your user account, and will allow our website at
Facebook, on your profile pages to connect. This process can only occur
if you are connected in parallel on Facebook. About the use and the nature of expenses
The data, unfortunately, we have no knowledge. Refer in this regard for more information
We are on Facebook. If you do not assign the account to the IP address
desired, then please log in first use of our website from your
The Facebook account.

Privacy Policy for Google +1

Using our sites, the so-called “+1” -. Buttons of social networks
Google+. This is Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA
94043, United States operated. When you enter our site with said button
It is a direct connection between the server and the browser Google Inc.
built. We did not have any influence on the amount of data that Google Inc.
The “+1” – button raises. Google Inc. is not based on information that does not
personal data, provided that the “+1” – button is clicked. only
of, parallel with your Google+ account registered site visitors, are those
personal details and IP address are collected and processed. For further
Information for the purpose, the scope of data collection and opportunities
The protection of your privacy, please refer to Google’s privacy policy
Inc. to: http://www.google.com/int/de/+/policy/+1button.html
If you are already registered, Google+ does not want that data to Google Inc. from you on
our pages rises and then assigns your account, we recommend
You agree to access your Google+ account to use our pages.

Privacy Statement for Twitter

Our sites use the service on-line social service Twitter. Twitter is the
Twitter Inc., 795 Folsom Street, Suite 600, San Francisco, CA 94107, USA operated. from
the use of “Re-Tweet” function, by pressing the “- Words buttons”
It happens, it creates a link to what you want with your web site
Twitter account. This information is other Twitter users based on
displayed. Please note that, unfortunately, it will not affect the content, scope
have the use of data by Twitter Inc. and refer for further
Information on the pages of Twitter Inc. to: http://twitter.com/privacy
Moreover, we should remember that to protect your privacy
They can make changes in your Twitter account.